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The Shopping Center Group, along with its New York-based Urban Division SCG Retail announces the formation of The Global Retail Group with its European partner Nash Bond, one of London’s leading retail property advisors.

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Cities may be similar, but they’re never the same. The way they live, work and play are diverse, distinctive and unique.

Back to the Future

In 1976 The Rouse Co. developed Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, Mass., which was the first of the “festival marketplaces” built in the United States.

The history of J.C. Penney actually starts in Kemmerer, Wyoming, where T.M. Callahan founded a dry goods store called the Golden Rule Store. A few years later, Callahan sold his store to Penney, who changed the name of the store to J.C. Penney.

Nighttime shopping was inaugurated at Town & Country Shopping Center in Columbus, Ohio, when developer Don Casto hired Grandma Carver (a woman who dived from a 90-foot perch into a 4-foot pool of flaming water), to perform her act in the lighted parking lot, bringing shopping center promotion to a new level.

In 1978, twenty-five year old college dropout John Mackey and twenty-one year old Rene Lawson Hardy, borrowed $45,000 from family and friends to open the doors of a small natural foods store called SaferWay in Austin, Texas (the name being a spoof of Safeway, which operated stores under their own name in Austin)

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank with a vision of one-stop shopping for the do-it-yourselfer. The first two Home Depot stores opened in 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The largest mall in the United States is currently Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., which includes a seven-acre amusement park, nightclubs, restaurants and covers 4.2 million square feet (with about half devoted to retailing).

Jason’s Deli - Founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice, Jr. who believes in treating employees as family and backs it up by making remarkable investments in our people.

The concept of developing a shopping district away from a downtown is generally attributed to J.C. Nichols of Kansas City, Mo. His Country Club Plaza (opened in 1922) was constructed as the business district for a large-scale residential development. It featured unified architecture and was managed and operated as a single unit.

On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas.

LA Fitness was founded by Chin Yol Yi and Lewis Welsh in 1984 with one location in Los Angeles, California.

Starbucks opened its first store in 1971 in the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

SCG Retail

SCG Retail

Our focus is on Manhattan and the Boroughs, but our influence goes way beyond. We know the streets that form the neighborhoods, the corners that attract the crowds. Zoning, traffic, public transit – day time, night time, weekends, too. We drive, walk, work and play... we’re all over it!

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